Dalia Raviv

Artist Dalia Raviv’s art is characterised by her unique expressionist style and delicate blend of colours. Her medium of choice is acrylic paints on canvas, often combined with oil crayons and charcoal. Raviv has been exhibited at DAOR Contemporary on group exhibitions 51.3% and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS in honour of South African Women’s month, and her 2020 solo exhibition in conversation with ceramic artist Theo Ntuntwana The Shape of Things to Come.

Dalia Raviv is an Israeli artist who has been living in South Africa since 1990. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Haifa and was mentored by some of Israel’s most renowned artists. Amongst her teachers were Daniel Kafri, Dorothy Robbins, Pinchas Abramovich and Moshe Rosentalis. Dalia participated in several group and individual exhibitions in Israel and abroad. In South Africa, her paintings have been exhibited and sold at the DAOR Contemporary Gallery in Cape Town; the Chris Tugwell gallery in Pretoria and Hartebeespoort, and the Great Park Gallery in Johannesburg.

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