Spier Creative Block

The Creative Block invites established and emerging artists to create work on a small blank block. The blocks are submitted for critique, and the best are purchased for resale to corporate patrons and the general public. Collectors then choose several blocks and hang them together, building an impactful, collective artwork that has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts. Because of the synergy between this process and the art of blending wine, Spier named its blended wine range after the project – the award-winning Creative Block 2, 3 and 5 wines.

The Creative Block offers artists a vital revenue stream. Artists can submit blocks every month and if selected, they get paid for them immediately. For many artists, this income covers their basic expenses and enables them to continue operating as full-time artists. The project also gives artists the opportunity to expand their creativity and artistic territory, and gain considerable exposure by connecting with art collectors worldwide.

Please visit us to view available work from the Spier Creative Block collection.

Salon is a selection of work that we have displayed at DAOR Contemporary outside of formal exhibitions. This page functions as an archive, as some work has been sold. Please contact us for available work by artists in our Salon section, or look at our Artsy page for currently available work from artists presented by DAOR.

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