Jayshal Gajjar

Jayshal Gajjar is a young South African artist working in various mediums, exploring themes around romanticism, imaginary worlds, and belongingness. Her artistic aesthetic and execution is quirky, with a leaning toward the grotesque of kitsch while embodying a strong visual language that is uniquely and recognisably her own. Her work is playful with emotive depth and a keen observation of human experience. Gajjar has been included in the 2022 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibition at DAOR Contemporary Art Gallery in honour of South African Women’s Month.

Jayshal Gajjar (b.1999) is a Cape Town born artist who completed her Bachelor in Contemporary Art at the Creative Academy in 2020. Her mixed media works are inspired by humour, storytelling, colour and the importance of finding comfort in one’s identity. She explores many themes including: various forms of intimacy (be it platonic or romantic) within an imaginary world, Bollywood woman characters and its representation of love and various scenes from films that inspire nostalgia and belonging. These are often combined in spontaneous narratives and quirky storytelling. The mediums Gajjar works in are mixture of painting, drawing, sculpture, textile and fabric work.

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