Jozelle McLea

Jozelle McLea’s solo exhibition with DAOR Contemporary opens Thursday 2 Nov 2023.

Jozelle McLea’s mixed media abstract paintings are textural and colourful and evocative of a dream-like vision of field and sky. Her titles refer to a play on words between the literal flower cosmos, a beautiful ephemeral wildflower that grows prolifically in South Africa in Autumn, and the permanent swirling quality of the interstellar cosmos. McLea creates her art pieces by drawing from memories and feelings, reflecting her subconscious, not knowing the end result. She creates by practicing being present, listening to music that fuels and inspires her, giving energy to her brush strokes. Her work is usually created late at night, when the world is quiet and energy levels are slowing down, when one’s own mind has the space and time to wander. McLea’s work was exhibited on Autumn 2022 at DAOR Contemporary.