play play

Sep 8, 2022

Social Photography: Dino Codevilla

An exhibition by Carin Dorrington, J P Meyer & Katja Abbott
DAOR Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town
7 September – 27 October 2022

play-play South African informal adjective [attributive] not genuine; make-believe, imaginary.

Welcome to a world of strange characters, topical totems, anachronistic mythologies and vibrant colour. Using the mediums of paint and ceramic sculpture the artists dive playfully into the realm of fantasy in the context of a world in peril. While the exhibition appears to be a romp through a psychedelic wonderland, the work is not above being a little subversive.

While the tone of the exhibition celebrates play and unfettered imagination, all three artists are indeed serious: Serious about playing and serious about not being too serious.