Elmarie van Straten


A Solo Exhibition


When tragedy or uncertainty strike, fight or flight kick in, and what determines our impetus probably relies on our personality, as the writer Anaïs Nin famously said, “We don’t see things as they are, but rather we see them as we are”. In troubled times I prefer to ‘escape’ to a distant memory of a time or place where things were tranquil, weightless, and even whimsical. My art has always been centred around Escapism, since my earliest years as an art student learning about the two camps of Expressionism, I have always been more drawn to the dreamlike Blue Horses of Franz Marc than the agonising scream of Edvard Munch.

This body of work, titled, “Neither Here Nor There”, portrays memories of places I have visited whilst traveling and working abroad. Swimming with horses in the Bahamas and Mexico was an experience I enjoyed frequently, an activity that jolted me away from my everyday responsibilities. I often find myself back in that memory, a dream of a liminal space that is neither here, nor there.


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