Elmarie Van Straten

Elmarie Van Straten works in a variety of media, often including neon lighting in her work, producing images from bead paintings, or dropping a ton of glitter onto the canvas. Van Straten has also exhibited three video works with DAOR Contemporary. Her work refers to popular culture, forming a critique of the way femininity is presented in media consumed by children of the 80s and 90s by the highly sexualized imagery of women, portrayed as powerful, seductive, and dominant. Interrogating the often facelessness dysmorphic qualities of women, even the sexualizing of underaged characters in animated shows aimed at children, created by adult men. The systemic underpinnings of cultural norms in that period bleed through into the lives of those adults and their identities today. Van Straten has participated in several group shows at DAOR Contemporary, including Autumn 2021, Winter 2021, and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS 2022 and her solo exhibition Neither Here Nor There 2023.

Elmarie Van Straten is a visual artist based in Cape Town and has worked in the arts industry for the majority of her career as a curator, and arts administrator locally and internationally. She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in 2004, and obtained a PGCE. Notably she has worked as a curator for the Spier Arts Trust, Park West Gallery, and Cur8.